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"I've been called a communist on there, which is just hilarious. I know not everyone is going to like me and I just have to avoid the trolls."It's not the first time that the TV host has faced online criticism.

In 2014, Mark Richardson, her co-host on , called her the show's "blonde bird".

"It feels like a real shift towards us seriously and honestly finally listening to women properly," she explains. Dad listened to Mum, Mum listened to Dad and no-one was boss.

That's hard to get in a relationship, but maybe we will get that now as women are powerful."When it comes to the mention of romance, Hayley rolls her eyes and offers a slightly fed-up laugh.

But now after three years, the confidence is there."And Hayley – who once famously dated former All Blacks captain Richie Mc Caw – has a back-up plan if she doesn't find Mr Right, admitting that she is more than happy to have a baby by herself."I've been clucky for about 10 years," says Hayley.

"I just don't want to do it with the wrong person.

"I was initially quite calm after hearing I'd got the job, but then about three days later, I was just sitting there and I had this sudden feeling of excitement, but it was mixed with terror," she confesses."So I went to AA three times that week, just going to keep myself very sane."It's been three years and three months of sobriety for Hayley, 37, who quit alcohol and sought professional help when her drinking spiralled out of control in her early 30s.

Unsurprisingly, Mark's comment became a hot topic on Twitter, with Hayley admitting that she and her mum went through each of the tweets – good and bad – about her."But it didn't piss me off because it gives me more fuel to go out there and do things just as well as the men," she explains.

"I feel people underestimate me, but I take that as a strength because they don't expect too much of me and then I can surprise them."There's no doubt about it, Hayley might be a self-confessed tomboy – she admits she actually prefers snowboarding to ballroom dancing – but she's a girl's girl at heart.

Previously, she's casually brushed aside her abstinence as party-girl-gone-good.

But as she speaks to "I was never a very controlled drunk," she admits.

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But if I look at where I was three years ago, I'm a completely different person.

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