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Yes most decent looking guys start off the conversation with "Wanna cuddle?" or "If you ever change your mind i'd be down for a fun time" or proposition me with FWB or very rarely threesomes. I suppose literally every guy is down for a hook up if the right option comes along .If you’re a guy and don’t have a 6pack of abs, fatass wallet or a fancy car, good luck.And if you’re a woman, it’s mostly “wanna fuck” or go out for a bit, do the deed and then get ghosted. Well sometimes guys have really nice profile pictures, then they show too much and I don't respond because i figure they must be a man-ho and I don't really want that.If nothing else works you can always get a bunch of catshttps:// of conversation topics hasn't been a problem.I don't have exact hobbies but it doesn't mean I don't have things to do or lack things to talk about.

I try to throw away things every week or put clothes in a donation pile. I'd like to be more in shape so if I do end up doing something extra I'm probably leaning towards a sport or something active like joining a gym.I don't know why I can't find someone I match up with ;_; I wonder if I am getting less responses because I'm asian, or is it my age, or could it be because I live in Calgary?! Any suggestions would be appreciated even maybe some kind of scoial group (I've tried meetups but didn't like them so much :/).I can't find anyone at work, most people are older than me or taken and I'm in an office that isn't heavily visited.Congrats 👍I actually met someone on there over a decade ago, was together for about 7 years, so it’s possible to find someone.I just think it’s a hell of a lot more difficult these days.

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  1. I don’t care how good you are with your words, how awesome your Tinder game is, and so on — you WILL NOT get 99% of the attractive women out there if you’re not taking care of your self. Women will LEAVE you for other, more attractive men if you start to let yourself go in a relationship.