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No Scottish chronicles survive for this period and references to Scottish affairs in English chronicles are infrequent, although more information is included in Irish chronicles.

In addition, the earliest confirmed Scottish royal charter dates from the reign of King Duncan II at the end of the 11th century, in contrast to the comparative wealth of charter evidence which has survived for Anglo-Saxon England.

But it is possible that there were in fact two kings of the same name during this period attributed to Constantine III.

In particular, the Cronica de Origine includes no information about how King Aedh and King Indulf were related to the main family line.

However, in the late 11th century Scotland was emerging from a couple of centuries of political anarchy, exacerbated by continual rivalries with England and Ireland as well as frequent Viking attacks.

For the first time, the kingdom benefited from a series of strong kings (for example Malcolm III, David I and William I) who were powerful enough to forge a sense of national identity.

He is named in the 10th century Cronica de Origine as successor to his maternal uncle King Aedh. If our hypothesis is correct, this omission may have been intentional as his relationship to his predecessor through the female line was considered incompatible with the idea of male-line royal continuity.

Another point relates to the alleged burial of the early kings on the island of Iona.

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The early history of Scotland is characterised by the absence of contemporary Scottish sources before the 10th century.

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