New online dating site world wide

On the downside, the site -- which started as a Christian network -- targets primarily heterosexual couples.

It only started allowing gay and lesbian users in 2010 after it was forced to by a lawsuit., it's better at filtering out unsuitable partners than making proactive matches.

As you'd expect, that scientific approach is best for users looking for a long-term relationship.

If you do decide to go onto a pay site, take a long, hard look at the cancellation policy.

The concept of meeting in cyberspace predates the World Wide Web.

The oldest dating site that's still around is Matchmaker, which started as a dial-up BBS in 1985 and ran on a Radio Shack TRS-80 with modems (above).

There are serious pitfalls to avoid, of course: dodgy sites, "catfishing" and, worst of all, online predators.

But despite the risks, online dating Online dating sites are databases that can match you to a partner with the qualities you prefer.

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