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Browse various safe-working documents including the Rule Book; Electric Train Tablet; Train Staff and Ticket; Track Warrant and Automatic Signalling.

PDF versions of the documents can also be downloaded.

There is no fancy formatting on this site but there is LOTS and LOTS of information.

As I am a a Grumpy Old Man you will not find any references to Facebook or Twitter or any of the other things that seem to clutter most sites these days - just plain pages with lots of information. I try and make my pages W3C HTML 4.01 compliant and I support the Viewable With Any Browser campaign.

Today a sun or star sight can be easily reduced to find latitude and longitude with a scientific calculator, spreadsheet or phone app.

Some of my researches into the water tunnel are discussed. I am re-writing the page to provide detailed information about what I have called the Cruickshank's Saddle Historical Area.

When I make the walk I hope to provide a kml file and other details here.

Cruickshanks Tunnel Disused Cruickshanks rail tunnel is hidden in the hills north of Upper Hutt.

Astro Astro Navigation (Astro), also known as Nautical Astronomy or Celestial Navigation (Cel Nav), is a means of navigation by the sun and stars.

Used for hundreds of years astro became obsolescent with the introduction of GPS in the late 1980s.

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Searchlight Signals Searchlight signals have been part of the Hutt Valley railway landscape since the early 1950s.

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