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There will be challenges along the way, but nobody said becoming a God was easy.

Premise: During a game of Harry Hunting, Harry manages to sneak into a movie theatre.Will he be successful or will fated circumstances be doomed to repeat themselves Harry was never the only person with a penchant for tripping into the most absurd of situations. Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja? He figures that there's no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life. Still reeling from the revelations at Bespin – and not exactly reassured by Obi-wan's rationalizations and Yoda's last words and subsequent disappearing act – Luke had entered the coordinates for his first jump away from Dagobah more or less blindly. Draco finds himself reliving a significant part of his life and in so decideds to make a few changes.If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. The witch ended up in Apocrypha and Harry became a new dimensional anchor for the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge now standing on his shoulder. He had promptly come this close to splattering his X-wing all over the SSD Executor's colossal armored underbelly. During his redemptive journey he finds true friends, a hopeful future, and love he never thought possible.This one change leads to a different life for Harry. (Sorry about that first upload, not the best copy-paste effort from my Ao3 account)Is it possible for two heated rivals to become the closest of friends?AUHarry Potter is not standing up in his crib when the Killing Curse strikes him, and the cursed scar has far more terrible consequences. When Akane and Shampoo receive a pair of strange bracelets they find themselves living new lives in an altered world where they are indeed just that.

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