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But I run over like a starved dog when she calls at night.

(Sadly, due to stress and overwork, I usually can't get hard when I go over.

But if the person being summoned wants more—if the summonee has unrequited feelings for the summoner—the summoned person is going to get hurt.

Because what the summoner is essentially saying is this: "I want sex; I don't want you." Even if the sex is good, the rejection that comes bundled in that summons stings and the hurt grows over time.

It's actually not an unusual situation, SWAT—millions of people have received similar summonses.

So long as the summoned person doesn't want anything more than sex from the person issuing the summons, Yahtzee: Everybody gets laid, nobody gets hurt.

People who want out but ask for open inevitably get out in the end.

A lot of people who want out do this, and it's why so many people believe all requests to open a relationship are a sign the relationship is doomed.While this makes Mary's failure to disclose look a little worse, we live in a culture that defines absolutely everything as cheating—don't get me started on the idiocy that is "micro-infidelities" and the idiots pushing that toxic concept—and as a consequence, people not only lack perspective (oh, to live in a world where everyone regarded harmless flirtation as no big deal! What would you have done if on the third or fourth date, she looked up from her menu and said, "I've been swapping flirty texts with this guy for, oh, the last several years.) but also the language to honestly discuss our need for a little harmless erotic affirmation from someone who isn't obligated to find us attractive, i.e., not a spouse or partner. I have no interest in him in real life, we've actually never even met in person, but I enjoy his texts and would like to keep swapping texts with him.Prior to this, it never occurred to me that Mary would do anything that had a whiff of dishonesty about it.But her having kept this from me for as long as I have known her has made me question that.

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