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], but Germany turned out to be a really difficult country to work with," Graebner said. That's Ashley for you."But those tears could possibly be happy ones by ' end, with Graebner teasing, "I think people will be surprised at Ashley I."We had a number of individuals who couldn't make it due to visa issues. And I'm not quite sure why Germany was so difficult, but we had some great people from Germany that we couldn't use." Another country that ultimately didn't end up with any contestants on the show? Yes, she's very tearful and emotional, but I think you're going to see another side of her, and I think not every Ashley I."Finding people who were available from those particular franchises proved to be problematic." was able to assemble a cast of 26 men and women. News insight into the casting process for a few of the standout U. and international contestants, including the ones the show almost passed on, a former fan-favorite who hasn't appeared on-screen in over five years, and the former dating pool" after his split from fiancée Lauren Bushnell, which he still wasn't fully over. "The Ben that you will see is a very raw and emotional one, and he wears his emotions on his sleeve and you'll certainly see it," Graebner said. "She was one of the first people I reached out to."While some newer producers weren't familiar with Lesley, Graebner assured them she would be great on the show. She's obviously been through a lot in the last couple of years, with a double mastectomy and she's been very public about it."He's the best and I really adore him and he's been over to my house and hung out with my family. She's not afraid to talk about it and that also comes up on the show," he revealed. She's a really smart, beautiful, outspoken 30-year-old woman who knows what she wants and she's not going to settle.I couldn't tell if he was really going to be appealing to the women, and to be honest, we called him and we said we're not sure if this is going to work out and he was so emotional and so sad and so sweet that we immediately changed our minds and thought this guy has to be on the show."And that is exactly who viewers will see on the show."He is so unbelievable sweet and sincere and romantic and the emotion that he shows is really remarkable," Graebner said.He's a great guy and you'll see more of that on ABC Ashley I. It's someone like Lesley who you're really rooting for to find someone to spend the rest of her life with." ), some viewers were surprised to see the fiery Clare, 36, announced as a contestant, with Graebner admitting he was "pleasantly surprised " she agreed to come on. )"Clare and I go way back, we spent a lot of time together on Juan Pablo's season, through good times and bad times, so I just reached out to her directly.And she said it sounds fun, but I wasn't sure she would be up for another go at it because she's certainly had her struggles over the years in the Bachelor franchise, so I was thrilled to see that she would give it another shot. I think that viewers will be really pleased with how things turn out for Clare." was filming, Graebner was keeping an eye out for any women who would be good for the spinoff.

"Obviously we heard about that, we thought that was really interesting," Graebner said."Everyone responded to her, those of working on the show and the men and women who were there on the show. She is just a sweetheart of a young woman and a very open and emotional one." guy.He's not 6'2", with six-pack abs, so I wasn't sure. For me, a nice guy between 49 -80, responsible, sincere.34 Yrs : I am self employed and runing my own Business in Chonburi. We are seriously seeking our nice foreign soul mates.

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