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We were myspace friends for a couple of months before meeting.

The first time we met, we each brought friends and decided to hang out as a group so it wouldn't be weird.

There's something really weird about saying we met on myspace - it's different than saying we met on match or something like that. Online dating is the best, it's just like a bar, except it's cheaper, quieter, and you don't have to leave your house. We've been dating for about 4 months now and we both think it's a little embarrassing how we met.

We tell certain people we met through a mutual friend (who I actually didn't know until after meeting her).

My gf doesn't care so I will be the one making up a story. We are moving in together this month That it's shallow, just a hook up app.

You basically go off of 4 pictures of the other person and go from there.

I posted a fake craigs list "missed connection," as a joke to see what kind of weirdos would respond, and one guy was so funny that we started chatting and dated for a while.

I told everyone that I met him in the elevator at my work Straight up this is the first time I've ever told anyone where my wife and I met.

Came home after afterbar dinner to find a few AIM messages and a thinly-veiled booty call AIM Away Message aimed at me.

Back then, The Onion, used to have an online personals section of their site. If we were to meet online today, we wouldn't be embarrassed to say we meet online, but 2002 was a different time and now we are stuck with the story for the next 70 years. We truly did meet in person through mutual friends but nothing really came from that party/night aside from learning each others names.

We have to tell this lame lie for the rest of our lives. Her roomies were actually trying to set her up with one of my roommates, but that didn't really work out.

Just saw a post on another thread about someone who met through Tumblr and said they don't tell people the real story and make a decoy story up. Also no need for a decoy story, 1/5 relationships now forms online!

This is something that's come up a few times in focus groups. I was not embarrassed, but I thought I'd share this anyhow. The same day I signed up on Ok Cupid, I saw a girl who was cute and we exchanged numbers.

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