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On the other hand, she must place her faith in the skilled evaluations of the police and child protection authorities.

It is within neither her own nor the police force’s field of expertise to assess the mental health of new mothers, or anyone else for that matter.

These conditions concern only the mother; if the father has participated in the criminal act, he will be judged in accordance with paragraph 233 of the Criminal Code, the legal expert advises. She can’t have made this up, and the investigators conclude that it is likely to represent the reality of the situation. When things fall silent, Laila Back, one of the police officers who had been part of the initial team to discover the mother living on Ullevålsalléen, expresses her anxiety.

The investigators stationed at police headquarters in Grønland favour the following decision: Investigators believe it to be credible that the mother believed her baby to be stillborn. “I feel a little apprehensive, in truth,” she says.

She told the officers that the child had made no sound and had been entirely motionless.

She explains to police that in her state of shock, she found two plastic carrier bags beneath the bathroom sink and placed the child inside them before making her way to the churchyard.

“It is first and foremost out of consideration for the child that the law exists in this form, and that even a mother’s attempt to take the life of her newborn infant can go unpunished,” Slettan explains.

That is, of course, if the child really was unwanted.As she points out to her colleagues, she simply can’t get her head around how it could be possible to act the way the mother did immediately after the child’s birth, even though she is well aware that postpartum psychosis and postpartum depression “can take many strange forms”, and in spite of the fact that she heard the senior consultant express the fact that newborns can appear lifeless at birth.Even so, she cannot shake the sense of unease she feels at the thought that has arisen in her mind.Her son – still separated from his mother – has now been transferred to one of the neonatal unit cots after spending time in an incubator and several days in intensive care.The infant spends much of his time sleeping, but is growing increasingly stronger.

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