Mandating vaccine opinion

This is the force that keeps libertarians from evading taxes, vegetarians from sabotaging meat markets, and doctors from giving you much better medications than the ones you consent to – even when they think they can get away with it.Civil disobedience can be justifiable – see here for more discussion – but surely it should require some truly important cause, probably above the level of “I really want to watch Black Panther, but it costs .99 in theaters”.Finally you reach the nations of the South Pole, where the laws are enforced by nothing but a policeman’s gun. It’s a hard question – I can imagine pretty much anything happening in this kind of scenario.

Or we can reframe it as a coordination problem: we’re defecting against the institutions necessary to support movies existing at all, and free-loading off our moral betters.All we’re doing here is replacing one form of power (the formal power possessed by law-makers) with another form of power (the informal powers of stealth and/or popularity that allow people to get away with civil disobedience).These two forms of power have different advantages and are possessed by different groups.I sometimes advertise – the Kazakhstani pirate site that lets you get scientific papers for free. If everyone downloaded Black Panther, then Marvel wouldn’t get any money, the movie industry would collapse, and we would never get Black Panther 2, Black Panther Vs. Superman, A Very Black Panther Christmas, Black Panther 3000: Help, We Have No Idea How To Create Original Movies Anymore, and all the other sequels and spinoffs we await with a resignation born of inevitability. I can think of two strong arguments that it might be: First, we have intellectual property rights to encourage the production of intellectual goods.

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