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And cusstoms, going to a restaurant, movie or theater is better to wear other clothing.

Most men in Russia and Ukraine wear long pants, shirt and shoes.

If you really want to communicate with a Russian, follow our simple step by step guide: The first meeting When the Russians welcome a girl for the first time, they have taken just shake hands, no kissing on the cheek.

The first date Dress appropriately, going on a first date.

Finding your wife in a serious dating agency is not the same as looking for profiles on a low rated dating site full of scammers.

Remember that there are big differences between Eastern Europe women and Western ladies.This means that your dress style should be pleasant but look not too provocatively.On Russian dating accepted that a man brought to a girl flowers especially if it's a first date.Russian etiquette The culture of any country has some common behavior patterns, considering as the standard of courtesy and which are commonly used in public.In Russia, you can highlight the following points: Most of the well-bred people in Russia will be very unhappy, if somebody after sitting on the dirty ground sits on a pure bus or train seat. Russians will get very angry if your ass will pass by right in front of their face!

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Russians always give an odd number of flowers in the bouquet because even pair number is used only for funerals.

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