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The Write Cache drive is always created as Drive D and the Pv D is created with the drive letter assigned during the Wizard.

My Group Policy with Preferences is linked at the OU that will contain the computer accounts created by the Xen Desktop Setup Wizard.

This article is not about the pros and cons of Pv D.

It is simply about what process can be used to create virtual desktops that require the use of a Write Cache drive and Pv D.

If not, click No, shut down the VM, make the change and power the VM on to continue.

Second, a Target Device was created, as shown in Figure 28, with the MAC address of the VM, linked to the v Disk just created and the Target Device is configured to boot from its hard disk because the v Disk is empty right now.

Next up is to create a Windows 7 VM to be used as the Master or Golden image. One for the Write Cache drive and the other for the Pv D drive.Why not manually change the file system and registry?Because the Xen Desktop setup wizard completely ignores all the careful work done by creating folders on the Write Cache drive.In order to do this, I created an AD security group, shown in Figure 4, that will contain the AD user accounts and that AD security group will be made a member of the local Administrators security group.Most organizations that use Xen Desktop to serve virtual desktops or servers require that Event Logs persist between reboots or the security team sits in the corner crying.

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After all software and updates are installed, mount the PVS 7.6 ISO to the VM, open My Computer and double-click the CD.

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