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Relationships with emasculating women would be as unlikely to "turn" a guy gimp as to switch him to gay. I've been married twice, once for 30 years and now again for 11.My first wife, when I tried to share fantasy play with her (the first woman I tried it with) was disgusted and would have none of it.In fact, the reason we get together was that she was into the same stuff, although not nearly to the same degree.I don't think your characterization of us is entirely accurate; there may be aspects of it that could have a glimmer of truth, however.Hence I can take a few stills out of a video or comic that express sexual suffering in a compelling person in the position of being stretched, and respond to them.The image attached, for example, is a very powerful one--but the video from which it comes is not.Thus, your metaphor for dragging her by the hair and forcing yourself upon her is an appealing scenario.I think I've mentioned this story a few times on the board.

It just so happens that she looked a lot like the actress in the movie.

One of the keys, I believe, to healthy gimp is how necessary it is.

I don't need the fantasy, though it is my most powerful turn-on, to express myself sexually with a woman.

The desire to somehow control her, either through stories, videos and movies, can be an outlet for them.

What you can't do in real life you can enjoy, vicariously, though the actions of the villain in whatever media you are consuming.

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