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It’s just a fantasy girl stripping herself off and moaning at everything she sees. Will he love you less because he sees other naked women?No, somehow watching porn doesn’t seem to affect most men, unless they’re addicted to it and can’t live with it.Most women have always had a problem with men and their interest in porn. But he could do that anytime he wants, so really, where’s the novelty in that?Somehow, realizing that their man ogles at other women in the nude seems to piss them off. Women should know that most men don’t watch porn every single night.And one scenario doesn’t affect his interest or performance in the other.Why men like porn Men like porn for a lot of reasons.Men usually end up watching porn if they’ve been busy working on their computer all night.

With so much curiosity, it’s easy to imagine why men can’t wait to see and learn about different women’s body parts.

All breasts may seem like the same for women, but those subtle dissimilarities between one pair and another make the men want to see all of them.

[Read: Why men likes breasts] # Men get to learn new things in bed Most of the time, men watch porn only to satisfy themselves, but every now and then, men watch porn because it’s funny or completely unique. # Masturbation is fun Almost all men have spent a big part of their single life with the little boy in their pants.

It’s just one of his favorite pastimes when he’s feeling restless or bored.

[Read: How to fantasize about someone else with your mate] But will he ever compare you to a porn star he likes? Has he ever asked you to try something new or kinky in bed all of a sudden? But whether he compares you or not, a man’s mind is developed enough to realize that what he sees on his computer isn’t real, at least to him.

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] Will your guy watching porn affect your relationship?

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