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When it's hot outside and all you want to do is sit in the shade with a big ol' margarita, is there a better way to go than swinging in a hammock? Whether you're an adult looking to spoon in a cocoon, a baby in need of a cuddly swing, or a cat looking for yet another place to lounge (don't you have enough beds?! Let's peruse some ultra lounge-y hammocks for everyone on your summer gift list… I'm the business interface and management for a group of engineers in Tech in the Silicon Valley.And unless you can break the sound barrier on amazing code, your work clothes had better be "business casual." Since I am the business interface, I find myself even more pigeonholed into looking more "corporate" than I'd prefer.

"Steven Universe is racist") and suddenly it's the only thing they can talk about re: that show.

As an engineer, I experience up to 105db at work, but generally staying under 90db.

As a musician, though, I'm onstage next to drum kits and loud amps, including my own, for an average set of 50 minutes.

If you've got a pair of canvas shoes that you really love, you probably want them to last.

I just nabbed this pair of rainbow shoes from Target recently and they're already showing some wear. There are a couple of really easy ways to waterproof canvas shoes to keep them more resistant to rain and the elements: beeswax and my preferred way, Scotchguard. If you make art, crafts, furniture, or other kinds of creative endeavors, you probably spend some time pining over amazing and inspiring studio spaces of fellow artists who actually have their shit together.

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