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Return phone calls were were met with cussing and threats that they called the police claiming we were harassing her.I have now had to contact the owner and Pa Pa John.s Quality for resolution……all over a pizza and some chicken.Your company and these millionaire cry babies deserve to lose so much more.Our military men and women do not make millions and they are the ones that deserve to make millions for protecting you and this great country.Disrespecting our millions of service men and women that have bled, died and are wounded so you can disrespect them is a disgrace to them and me.I hope you are happy with the compensation your company will receive from the NFL.

I’ll exercise that right, just as I have not watched or attended an NFL game since this disrespect began.

There are currently over 5,000 Papa Johns locations worldwide (over 2,600 in the US). Answer 3: Papa John's was founded by John Schnatter in October 1984.

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I have been a fan of NFL since I was in junior high.

I’m done with the NFL and with Papa John’s, and whoever else chooses to disrespect the sacrifices of the very small percentage of Americans who truly serve and protect this nation.

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