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Obviously, you could send us something that’s not in Standard Manuscript format, but it will lower your chances of it being looked at seriously. To submit a story to INNSMOUTHBREATHERS send an e-mail (with the story file attached, not in the body of the email) to: [email protected], with subject line: INNSMOUTH, title of your story, and your name. REPLIES AND QUERIES We will try to acknowledge receipt of your submission within a week of its arrival in our inbox.

LENGTH For short fiction, we’d like to see anything from 1,500 to 5,000 words. Honestly, we’d prefer to see shorter, punchier stories. The submission period itself will close on 31 JULY 2018 and we should be responding to all submissions, yay or nay, by early August 2018.

You may ask yourself: Are we already in this punk rock future or did it die in the late 1970s? Either way, we’re looking for stories from you that will explore this future, whether it’s near or far away. Ken Macgregor; Blood Bound Books Furry: ‘noun informal 1. We’re looking for stories from the dark underbelly of Furry life. But, please, make sure you have a story to go with your gory. If it’s all shock and no substance, we’ll likely pass.

Life is full of grit, misery, and barely scraping by.

But if humans excel at anything, it’s making the best of a bad situation, and the end of the world would be no different.

Less Than Three Press invites you to submit stories about life after the end of the world being far from bleak and hopeless.

We want to see stories of hardened apocalypse survivors building new lives and homes with their found families; gentle robots terraforming the ruined remains of the Earth; your post-Earth space settlers slice-of-life.

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== Stories must be about a post-apocalyptic society.

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