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Now that he’s seeing that freedom, there are a lot of questions raised about who the good guy is, in this series. They just happen to be fighting the hero, so you’ve got to put them in that pile.What Caesar and Crassus do is really get the audience to question who they are rooting for. But, Spartacus has really hardened up and he realizes that it’s going to be his strength of will that leads these people to freedom. The thing I like about Spartacus is that he isn’t necessarily a cut and dried hero character.” We were all very surprised when they told us that we wouldn’t be destroying history, at all.

The only question was how many episodes we were going to do, and we went through a lot of different variations. Spartacus and his band of rebels didn’t exactly have a dramatic three act structure to what they were doing. They fought among themselves, they split apart, they came back together, they split apart, they went North, they went South, they went East, they went West, they went back North, they went back South. So, I really struggled with how to lay this out in an entertaining fashion, for two or three more seasons, without completely jettisoning history.

” The last episode is called “Victory,” and it’s a bit of an ironic title because it really explores how the rebels gained victory in defeat, and how the Romans suffered defeat in victory. ” We knew, historically, that the Caesar of this time period was a fighter.

He was fighting in foreign wars, but he was also broke, and those elements really matched well with Crassus.

So, I got as many books together as I could and did a lot of research online and tried to get an understanding for that particular time period.

Unfortunately, historically there is not a lot of information in his earlier years.

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Todd, in taking on the role of Caesar, did you rely mostly on the script and your conversations with Steven De Knight, or did you delve into the history and do further research?

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