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Back on the date, they jump in a hot tub and Arie talks about some car crash that Bekah feigns interest in.This is followed by some heavy smooching (of course) but what sticks out to me is Arie’s super creepy mid-kiss smile. During dinner, Arie and Bekah talk about “being ready” for love.Today, it is home to a diverse group of people, all of whom consider themselves extraordinarily fortunate to live and play in a place of such overwhelming natural beauty.

Straight out of the Bachelor playbook, Krystal begins to express her insecurity to Arie and is upset that she’s being judged. Tia and Caroline pull Krystal to the side and confront her on her awfulness.He also works into the discussion his age and at this point he’s super trying to figure out how old this chick is.After some less subtle prodding, Bekah asks him if he knows how old she is.That being said, she gets a rose and the night ends with an Awkward Private Concert from … It’s just how nobody imagined their fairy-tale date.The group date kicks off in the woods with a couple of survival experts.

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