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He and his partner Lindsay Arnold have been totally killing the game – and this upcoming week, the pair is being joined on the dance floor by another Disney Channel alum. "We're adding another celeb into the mix, which is exciting because it’s Corbin, and I could not be happier that he’s joining us for the trio dance,” Lindsay said in an interview with .

"It’s going to be incredible energy in the rehearsal studio but at the same time, it’s a challenge because I have two celebs who have to look in sync and keep up to the bar that I’m going to ask them to set.

It’s exciting and a lot of pressure, but if anyone can do it, Jordan and Corbin can." Lindsay went on to confirm that the Disney bros, in fact, known each other for years – but this will be the first time they actually work together.

Other major films and TV shows he has appeared in include Galaxy Quest, Mystery Men, ER, Hannah Montana, and The Good Wife.He appeared in commercials when he was two years old and studied jazz, dance, and ballet.He appeared in print ads for Target, Gap, and Toys R Us after signing with the Ford Modeling Agency in New York when he was four years old.They are very good friends and have known each other for a very long time.This is one of those times where this is going to be their first time working together, even though they’ve done so many things that are similar," she continued.

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