Justin timberlake and mila kunis dating

Justin Timberlake "Aggressively Pursuing" Mila Kunis A source close to Timberlake recently told "Mila had nothing to do with their break-up... They decided their relationship ran its course and it was time to move on," said the source, adding: "They're not in a relationship...They star in a movie called Friends with Benefits but they're just friends. They are not together." Is Justin Timberlake Ready To Move On?To date, that's the only real, long-term relationship she's had.

Sure, the groping incident was just a gag, but how many non-couples could pull that off?

And yet, despite the fondling, they remain insistent that they are not in fact dating.

But here's five reasons why we don't believe them.1.

Couple that with the way she nervously laughs at his jokes on stage and it would appear that they're both really into each other, and dating.5.

Mila loves dating boy-like men, aka former childhood stars: If you don't recall, Kunis dated Macaulay Culkin for eight years.

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