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She really had been one bundle of intense horniness for quite a while now, and instead of getting annoying it seemed to make all the sexual things she did even more exciting.

She did not dress in the house anymore and stroked her young firm body every chance she had in front of Fred. She was literally walking around with a little stream of lovejuice dribbling from her swollen itching throbbing pussyhole 24/7.

But then her biceps and shoulders would bulge and ripple.

She loved her body and knew just how hot she looked naked and dressed but really wasn’t hung up on it at all.

It was just something she had come blessed with from the factory and though her upkeep of it suited her well it just built on what was already there.

Her turgid reddening nips tingled and throbbed as her fingers stroked over them.

Many of her friends were into double digits and some were even into the triples! But as her precious special thing it was worth more than gold and diamonds.2 of the men, well boys really, she had given herself to were boys she had known for years and the one she had been in a committed relationship with for over a year before she decided it was time to give each other their virginity.The idea of being anything’s or anyone’s slave was completely repellent to her and though she loved Fred dearly he was missing a little on his conversation skills to be her one and only but she would admit that doggy sex was now a part of her life that she was completely dedicated to keeping.She just hoped her next boyfriend was up to sharing her because she didn’t think she could hide it. The water fell sensuously all over her tickling and winding its way from one tender spot to another the moisture from the outside starting to be met with moisture from the inside between her firm well muscled sooo soft skinned thighs.She had spent the last few hours in the garden of the house she was watching for her friends Linda and Russ, gardening was her passion and she was even entering university in the fall as a botanist and landscape designer.She had been feeling pretty parched and the shower was a balm to her drying skin.

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