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In an odd turn of events, over the course of two-plus hours dating back to last week's tribal council, Zeke went from being accused by a lone player of being deceptive because he's trans to being accused by multiple people of being deceptive for, well, being deceptive.

There was one unbearable way that last week's episode could have played out in which Zeke's fellow castaways actually agreed with Varner that Zeke being trans was a piece of information he needed to have shared with them.

Post-merge, you don't begin the voting by taking out the filler.

You look at targets and you take them out when the opportunity presents itself, because you may not get that chance again. The things he did well, Ozzy did better than anybody, but the social and strategic things that he did poorly were things he could never improve at.

pre-credits introduction basically replaying the shocking events from last week's tribal council.

Wednesday's two-parter began with a general rehash of last week's sentiments, with Sarah and Tai and Andrea and Zeke's whole tribe agreeing that they were inspired by his story and how he handled the crappy thing Varner did and with Zeke's determination to move forward.

Russell, 39, and Probst, 49, began dating in August 2010. Russell has two children from her marriage to former "Saved by the Bell" star Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Probst was married to psychotherapist Shelly Wright from 1996 to 2001.

He also dated Julie Berry, a finalist from "Survivor: Vanuatu," from 2004 to 2008.

In June, Probst inked a deal to host a one-hour daytime talk show on CBS. When Ozzy didn't win the first immunity challenge, somebody had to look at him immediately. That complacency let Ozzy think his fish made him indispensable, so he didn't imagine anybody, much less Debbie, would be gunning for him. The pole-clinging challenge was meant to be a reminder of Ozzy's awesomeness, but instead it was a dethroning.I'm not sure that it was a coronation of Tai, but with his pocket full of idols and nobody immediately gunning for him, Tai is looking pretty good for a while.There was no reason to use it at the 13, and now we'll see if Sierra's still around to use it at the six. This was a good episode for Andrea and Cirie to both offer reminders of why I've liked them in the past.Given how forgettable Sierra was in her first season, it's funny how quickly people have cottoned to the idea that she's a power player, with Cirie calling her the Godfather controlling Brad. I liked Cirie shifting into control in the first episode, and then she made a good social play with her emotion in the second.

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