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It’s this quiet sadness that gives Like Crazy what is -- for me -- its best moment early on, wherein the couple’s first date moves with late-night tipsiness to the dorm room.

Anna promises to read some of her poetry on the condition that Jacob isn’t “allowed to laugh." Yelchin then either slurringly echoes "I'm not allowed to laugh" or "I won't laugh" -- it's difficult to hear, and even harder to verify, because this movie was improvised by the cast without a script.

One accidentally witnessed murder of a Neo-Nazi later, and the band is under siege and marked for death by the venue’s organizers.

At 95 minutes, Green Room is so tight and so spare that it joins the pantheon of phenomenal siege movies like Much has been made of its often overwhelming violence, and with just cause.

But ultimately, this is 22-year-old Anton Yelchin’s show, and it’s a heartbreaker.

He -- like Jones -- has a face and a demeanor that can make him seem older than his years, which has the hugely poignant effect of making you feel as if you’re already watching his older, more disappointed self even as he falls about giggling as a college student.

Whenever guns (or phasers) were being fired and sets blown up, Yelchin's the guy you'd see and think, "Yes: if this were real life, that guy would be franchise was his best-known.Accordingly, it’s no accident that Saulnier chooses to inflict what’s probably this movie’s most harrowing act of violence (knife, arm, duct tape) upon his character, for maximum horror. Please don't let the godawful title put you off: This is a lovely little movie about the things you think you know when you're young, and, later, how much you find out you're wrong.Yelchin plays Jacob, an American college senior in Los Angeles who falls in love with British exchange student Anna (Felicity Jones) -- but almost immediately, she overstays her visa and finds herself forced back to England.Let's remember this: There are no life lessons to be drawn from a life that's cut short tragically and publicly -- no grand meaning to it all -- when talent is suddenly taken away, especially when it’s young.And while 2016 saw the passing of many musicians, celebrities and public figures, the death of actor Anton Yelchin at age 27, one year ago this week, was particularly painful for the nature of the auto accident at his home that killed him.

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