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If you send this message from another thread, the input source associated with the timer may not be removed from its run loop, which could prevent the thread from exiting properly. Values for APIProxy Name, Proxy Name, and Target Name are mandatory when a Cache Key prefix (that is, a custom prefix) is not used to clear cache entries added by another API proxy. Specifies the cache where messages should be stored.For more about the underlying data store, see Cache internals.This section describes the error messages and flow variables that are set when this policy triggers an error.

Important You can invalidate most types of content that are served by a web distribution, but you cannot invalidate media files in the Microsoft Smooth Streaming format when you have enabled Smooth Streaming for the corresponding cache behavior.By accumulating changes, a window processes all changes at once instead of updating bits and pieces one step at a time.The Validate Rect and Validate Rgn functions validate a portion of the window by removing a specified rectangle or region from the update region.A value that you specify to uniquely identify an invalidation request.Cloud Front uses the value to prevent you from accidentally resubmitting an identical request.

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