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If it's a quick text, I don't see it as being much more dangerous than fiddling with your radio station, as long as there isn't a bunch of traffic around. Have you ever seen the signs on the back of trucks that say, "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you? Personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to ride beside a truck at all. It blows my mind, especially when you see it's a soccer mom with a van full of kids. 50mph." They are just not paying attention to the signs. The majority of the time, if a trucker is tailgating you, you're doing something wrong. If I'm tailgating you because you're going too slow, that's a problem. If they scoot over and get out of the fast lane, mission accomplished.But I'm in Jersey right now and I see it on I-95 all the time where there's a ton of traffic and there are people cruising by on their phones. " I get what they are trying to do with that, but that rule is not entirely true. I didn't see the car until he popped up in another mirror as he was going off on the shoulder. When I'm in my car, even before I was a trucker, I would get around those trucks as soon as possible. At least if they are doing that around a car, it makes more sense. I'm not talking tailgating like getting one car length behind them and flashing my lights. Comey got 'steely silence' after confronting Loretta Lynch about Clinton's email probe Ex-FBI Director James Comey has privately told members of Congress that he had a frosty exchange with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch last year when he confronted her about possible political interference in the Hillary Clinton email investigation after showing Lynch a sensitive document she was unaware the FBI possessed, according to sources who were directly briefed on the matter. It was the first such meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea. Drivers may follow too closely, make sudden turns without signaling, or weave in and out of traffic. Others wander into another lane because they aren't paying attention.

Driving while drowsy has the same effect and is one of the leading causes of crashes. For example, if a car speeds past you on the highway but there's not much space between the car and a slow-moving truck in the same lane, it's a pretty sure bet the driver will try to pull into your lane directly in front of you.It's true that you shouldn't tailgate a truck but the sides are just as bad. I almost ran this guy off the road because I couldn't see him. According to that rule, he was okay because he could look up and see my mirror. I had a car riding on my right side the other day, just hanging out. 1967 - Solicitor General Thurgood Marshall was nominated by President Lyndon B. 1971 - The New York Times began publishing the "Pentagon Papers".A second prohibits the president from accepting economic benefits from the federal or state governments, other than his salary. * Related: Texas AG Accuses Lower Courts of Hypocrisy on Trumps Travel Ban NBC is under pressure to pull Megyn Kelly's controversial Alex Jones interview Business Insider - NBC News is catching heat from viewers who are furious about anchor Megyn Kelly's interview with controversial right-wing radio host Alex Jones.

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