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Anita had been very horny since we stepped out from the plane.She was happy there in the sandy beach, enjoying the sun totally naked as she liked.We f… Read more At first i tought he was joking he welcomed me in his place around 23h saying he was working late and coudnt meet before but i doubt it was only because it would be dark and easy for him to set it up i needed a new iphone, sent him a message talk over the phone and was on his porch at 23h30 he was in swimsuit going for a dip in the pool and spa It was a hot day i had the cash in hand but he brought me a blueue swimsuit a small pale bleue speedo told me i could have the phone half price if i stayed a bit with him ''comon its so hot today, slip these on and join me'' i felt stupid in hi… Read more "Queen for a Day" It's a game that my girlfriend Kari likes to play from time to time.Normally, she's the queen and everyone has to do what she 'orders'.Lizzy and I watched in amusement at the show until the guy blew his load on the woman's tits and then went off stage. We live in a newly constructed building of 2 stories and we very recently occupied it,it is our own house too.Then the female announcer came over the mic said now ladies get ready for tonight's… Read more My name is Amulya and got married 4 months ago. We live in the first floor and the ground floor is to be given away for rent.

Tracy now 8 months swollen from an unknown Nigga stud, hiding the fact from her new Husband to be, Mark, a small dicked white man.Lee, trying to get some mileage out of the… Read more That summer we went on vacation to Santa Margarita Island.We had rented a small cottage just a few blocks away from the seaside.When she plays it with her boyfriend and me, it usually becomes sexual.Yesterday, I went to see Kari at her work shortly before her shift ended.

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