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‘Three words were all it took for him to leap up and slam his fist on the table.

Often things like a stool or a cup would get thrown, turning our home into a chaotic disarray.’.

In 1984, 21 year-old Li completely threw away her promising acting career in a ‘flash wedding’ to her boyfriend (indicating the couple had not spent much time together before deciding to marry).

Movie making brought Ning Jing and American actor Paul (Kersey) together in love and a quick wedding.

In May 2004, the marriage of Wei and Smith hit a red light, but who would get custody of the three mixed-race children born around the world? Not only did Smith confiscate the passports for the three children as permitted under the Swedish rules for divorce, but also threatened Wei’s life several times for which she had to resort to using the protection of bodyguards.

Even though it has been years since Wei got divorced, she still can not disentangle herself from the financial affairs of her ex-husband.

At present, Wei has brought her children back to China.

Wei is rumored to be dating again, to yet another laowai.

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  2. That’s because everyone likes a challenge — the challenge in this case meaning his emotional unavailability. Each and every year, we’d have a messy breakup, blame it on “emotional unavailability.” Long story short: We were clearly not right for each other.