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The term “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” truly applies to this situation.When it comes to affair recovery, spending time alone helps you remember who you are without your partner and gives you time to think about what you want for your future.Learning to communicate will help you work through your issues, re-establish respect and cooperation, and learn more about one another.Dating other people during a separation is a double-edged sword.If you are in couples counseling or sessions about how to recover from infidelity, this time apart will allow you to do your separation homework.This means addressing what led up to the affair and make positive progress with how you treat one another.Anger is the knee-jerk reaction to communicating with an unfaithful spouse, but time away can dull the pain and hurt that creates reactive conversations.With a calm demeanor and clear head, couples will be able to reconnect and communicate about their relationship.

If you have stopped communicating about things both big and small, you’ll be able to use your separation to get back into the habit.

Pornography addiction, lack of emotional satisfaction, lack of validation, lack of love, past betrayal, abuse, and substance abuse all contribute to extramarital affairs.

Narrowing in on what caused the affair will help both mates decide how to combat these problems in the future and strengthen their marriage against such negative influences.

A marital separation allows both parties to figure out what they want from their life and relationship without any interference from their partner.

It is a common practice for couples to separate following infidelity, but can it help?

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In fact, there is often a large issue at hand when it comes to infidelity.

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