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We are in the school of being gods learning to decide between good (god) and bad.

Yes I am positive God exists and is Good (it isn’t an accidents that the two words sound the same). Karma means Kar M A =Happened from God…Homer Iliad means Fabric Birth. Alternative is made up of 2 Hebrew words alter native meaning Changed Path.

The reason we couldn’t figure any of this because we misdefined language calling it a communication tool.

Language ladies and gentleman isn’t a communication tool, language is a creation tool! The miracle this book presents is the use Hebrew letter meaning to decode English.

there is no clear way to tell) to prove to me personally as if I were on an island all alone that he exists and that’s what I got, a Prove positive I can show others that god exists and is still running everything.

The first set of instructions I received was not to read any interpretation because they are all wrong.

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