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Too often, Fallen Kingdom has all the soul and grace of a well-prepared business proposal—you can sense all the money being invested into an intellectual property in order to reap a sizable windfall and ensure the franchise’s continued commercial viability. Ocean’s 8 feels a bit like a high-end knockoff in that way that lots of spinoff films can, although the compensation is the familiar delights of watching smart characters do their job very, very well.Director Baltasar Kormákur makes good use of location filming on the open waters, giving this melodramatic tale a dose of realism, but this true story is never as harrowing as the subject matter would suggest.A diehard Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bearcats football fan, Grierson was remembered as a fierce competitor at racquetball, golf and softball who loved to smoke cigars.“Like a Lombardi or Parcells, Ross always knew how far he could coach, prod and push without breaking, and get important life lessons across,” said Eduardo Rivadavia, who worked for Grierson as an assistant at A&M in Chicago 20 years ago.A simple story told with abundant gentleness, Yomeddine looks at a group of outcasts with such compassion and generosity that it has the good manners not to artificially inflate their tale with phony uplift.Despite how personally the filmmaker connects with this ambitious riff on the Cervantes novel, the long-time passion project succumbs to the same indulgences and weaknesses that have plagued his recent movies.

But that placidness belies a certain degree of melancholic resignation on Panahi’s part, for himself and his homeland.The film boasts plenty of comic-book action while also making room for a darker tone and emotional resonance rarely matched in previous installments.In a cinematic world stuffed with big-budget movies, Infinity War is a genuine blockbuster.Whitney is strongest when it connects Houston to the larger history of Black America, illustrating how this glamorous performer grew up in poverty and never entirely escaped the obligation of helping to pull up her underprivileged family members.If the destination ultimately proves a little less satisfying than the trip, Mitchell and his collaborators fill us with so many moody reveries that we succumb to its warped logic and indelible vividness.

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