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Burns is briefly endowed with mental powers following a scientific accident.

When paralyzed in a lab accident, Ray manages to get Jean to activate his size-control devices causing him to shrink to microscopic size, freeing him of the paralysis.

Poor Perry's gonna have a heart attack if you don't!

Ray Palmer is the Atom, the Mighty Mite, a superhero with the ability to shrink to incredible sizes while retaining his full mass, making him a formidable combatant.

For some reason, however, Ray didn't explode and returned to his normal height.

In fact, the shrinking lens worked on his body much better than he had expected, and he developed a set of control devices that gave him limited control over his weight as well as his size.

Destiny briefly switches the League's bodies with some of their greatest foes.

While a physics graduate student, Ray Palmer discovered a tiny fragment of white dwarf star material that had fallen to Earth.A couple of days later, a disillusioned Ray and some friends became trapped in a cave-in while out spelunking.Ray was forced to risk instability and use the shrinking lens on himself in order to escape the cave and save the lives of his friends.Before returning to Earth, he would save the sub-atomic people of Palonds from the evil Honds.In another revenge plot against the Justice League, Dr.

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