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We will hear from Exhibition Place early next week and try to see what's possible.

But at the end of the day, this is great for open-wheel racing.

open-wheel racing will have one series Says Tony George: "There are a lot of people trying to tie all the loose ends together."Says Kevin Kalkhoven:"Look, neither side was succeeding and nobody was winning.but Paul Tracy isn't sure what to do: "As of right now, I don't know if I'm competing.The team has given us no indication we're going to the IRL.There’s no reason for anybody to gloat or to feel down because, in the end, we’ve all come together.”Sports illustrated: Sunny forecast Says Tony George: "We just made it to the starting line, we didn't cross the finish line. But I know that everybody has been awaiting this day for a long time."The Sacramento Bee has a lot of reaction from Californians involved in Indy Car, both past and present Says Scott Pruett: "It was long, long, long overdue – by about 10 years.It's basically going to take us back to the mid-1990s when everybody stood together. As a competitor, you want to know that all of the best in the world are in one place."Los Angeles Times Says Chip Ganassi: "This is a very good day for American open-wheel racing.

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Indy Star: Questions to be answered The reaction was positive...

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