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Another bone of contention hindering the online dating reputation is the fraud and scam element that exists today, which is fuelled by desperate gangs of online crooks who strategically and calculatingly disguise themselves as worthy adversaries.

We'll also send you pieces of information once in a while such as tips and hints for better dating, or advice on how to use the features on our dating website.A functionalised version of this, N-laurylsarcosine, is known as 'sarkosyl detergent', which is an anionic surfactant perhaps reflecting the detergent effect of the French ex-president. It was originally extracted from a micro-organism (Streptomyces nitrosporeus), but for some unknown reason the organism then decided not to make it any more (stroppy microbe? Its name arises because it was first isolated from the crude extract of the fungus Albonectria rigidiuscula. In fact it is a rare mineral with formula Tl Hg As S with a bright blood-(? In one experiment, rats, normally nocturnal animals, were conditioned to fear the dark and scotophobin was supposedly extracted from the rats' brains, and was claimed to be the molecule responsible for the rats remembering this fear. Thanks to Patrick Stewart for suggesting this molecule. Basiliskamide was apparently named after marine geographic features in the region of this island, which I suppsoe means there was an underwater rock formation that the locals call Basilisk rock? Thanks to Melanie Wagner for suggesting this molecule.Another molecule which sounds odd in French (but not in English) is pyralene, which has been used in the past as an insulating oil in electric transformers. ), so purely lab synthetic methods needed to be developed. The only reason I can find for it being called 'mad'-indoline is that the bacterium the compound was isolated from was itself isolated from soil samples from Madison, Wisconsin. It might have uses as an antibacterial antibiotic drug. However, these findings were subsequently debunked, so scotophobin doesn't actually exist! Thanks to Jan Linders for suggesting this molecule. Ref: Wikipedia Although in English, this name might not seem funny, in the Slavic-languages (Russian, Romanian, etc) this is just about as vulgar as a word can be.A recent report issued by the New York Times weighs in explaining why numbers and formulas are unlikely to help forge the perfect couple.Hang on a minute, wasn't online dating designed to reduce the complexities of finding a partner in the first place?

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