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Access to campus services Auditors have access to campus libraries and computer labs, however because they do not pay segregated fees, they do not have access to a free bus pass, University Health Services, or recreational facilities. Don’t know what kinds of classes are offered at the University or how to find them?

It is possible to purchase a Guest Audit Student Membership to use campus recreational facilities. HERE you can look through a list of courses that senior guest auditors have enrolled in previously to help get you started! We we can’t guarantee that the courses on this list will be offered during the following semester.

Audited courses are graded Satisfactory (S) if student’s attendance is regular and assigned work, if any, is completed.

When Joanne B.’s sister moved to Milwaukee, she knew absolutely no one.

She doesn’t drink and is “painfully shy,” as Joanne puts it, so bars weren’t really an option for her.

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I feel every degree I get back is another step away from surgical intervention (and its high complications/low success rates). Our 12 year old son, Andrew, was on the fast track to surgery when we learned of Dr.

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