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"There still seems to be a false anonymity or safety factor with email.Plus, when Outlook starts auto-filling the 'to' field, it's easy to get the wrong person or group in there." So what should you do if a white-hot set of your choicest words lands in the wrong inboxes?"It'll put a red line through it on the receiver's screen, but once someone receives it, it's there, they have it." Then he chuckles."Unless you go to their computer and delete it." Which is an idea but a little George Costanza-like in its desperation.

His boss wrote back about the clients' incompetence and how they hindered the team's ability to get anything done.

But, oops -- the clients received the email as well. Accidental emails have become a sometimes amusing, sometimes nuclear subset of electronic communications. In a 2008 AOL survey, 32 percent of respondents admitted to accidentally forwarding an email to the wrong person.

And in a recent survey of advertising and marketing professionals, a whopping 78 percent copped to the same mistake (individual responses described multiple instances of folks losing their jobs over scathing mistake emails).

And that's when you Again, this is all about pacing yourself and not panicking.

If you immediately send out a gushing apology email to the same big group, all you're doing is emphasizing a blunder that a good portion of them may not have considered a big deal.

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In rare cases -- say a high-level employee accidentally sends out highly sensitive company secrets -- an IT administrator could theoretically go into individual company mailboxes remotely and delete the email.

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