Error validating server certificate for svn windows updating t mobile samsung galaxy s2

One workaround is to temporarily disable or rename your Maven (or whatever you set the name to).You can refer to this nice blog post and video by Joe Colantonio which provides step by step instructions on how to get started using Eclipse (without having to run the command above).There is no need to 'escape' characters like you would have had to in Java or other programming languages.And you don't need to create additional Java classes for any of the payloads that you need to work with.Karate's payload validation engine can perform a 'smart compare' of two JSON or XML documents without being affected by white-space or the order in which data-elements actually appear, and you can opt to ignore fields that you choose.

One of the things you would miss if you use Test NG is the JUnit HTML report that is very useful for troubleshooting tests in dev-mode.

Typically right-clicking on the file in the project browser or even within the editor view would bring up the "Run as JUnit Test" menu option. This report is useful for troubleshooting and debugging a test because all requests and responses are shown in-line with the steps, along with error messages and the output of , because Karate's execution life-cycle is not compatible with 'native' Cucumber reports.

This is not a limitation of Karate at all - as for API tests, you will only ever need the parallel report (which also produces standard JUnit and Cucumber-JSON output) or the HTML report.

It may be easier for you to use the Karate Maven archetype to create a skeleton project with one command.

You can then skip the next few sections, as the If you are behind a corporate proxy, or especially if your local Maven installation has been configured to point to a repository within your local network, the command below may not work.

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And you can re-use API Functional Tests as Performance Tests !

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