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Vineland Composite was negatively associated with age. IQ accounted a significant amount of the variance in overall adaptive skills (55%) beyond age and ASD severity. The letter of nomination should emphasize the nominee's independent intellectual contribution.Additional letters in support of the nomination are welcome, but not required.We in addition seek papers describing new approaches and tools for elucidating brainstem structure-function relationships at the circuit level, in particular in the context of behavioral state regulation.This Research Topic's scope includes, but is not limited to, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, molecular biology, neuropharmacology, functional neuroimaging, and disease states afflicting the brainstem.

We welcome contributions ranging from original research reports, technical or methods articles, reviews, and commentary or theoretical articles.

The fruit fly is capable of a host of complex nonreactive behaviors that are governed by a brain containing only ~150,000 neurons.

The relationship between the fly's brain and its behaviors continue to be experimentally probed using a powerful toolkit of genetic techniques for manipulation of the fly's neural circuitry.

Animal behavior is governed by the activity of interconnected brain circuits.

Comprehensive brain wiring maps are thus needed in order to formulate hypotheses about information flow and also to guide genetic manipulations aimed at understanding how genes and circuits orchestrate complex behaviors.

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