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"Probably within five minutes of meeting her," Burns says. "I'd been trying to forge another version of Woody Allen's career, to the point that when I signed with ICM right after `The Brothers Mc Mullen,' I signed with Sam Cohn, who was Woody Allen's longtime agent," Burns says.

And he knew they might not close the Black Dahlia case even if he did wash up; and they didn't. Note the T pointers: t in "too" transfers control to "Ed Burns"; t in "best" transfers control to "I." The cryptogram says: To whom it may concern: I have waited for the police to capture me for the Black Dahlia killing which I did, but they have not. I couldn't help myself for that murder, or this suicide. Look at "or this." Drop i, contract the words, and we have "orths," an anagram for "Short." Plug "Short" in for "or this," and we have "...One of these photos was the mother of all sleepers. Ed likely figured LA papers would print photos of the note. LAPD should regard Ed's suicide as closure of the Dahlia case. Ed Burns' Degnan mimetism showed he was tuned in to detail and allusion. I believe he had a two-month anniversary in mind and he'd killed the Dahlia on January 14, the day before Betty Bersinger spied Betty Short's remains. He might have made a dairy/journal of his time with her.It was a looking-glass for the metaphor that is bared in "The Night Mare" section. He might've hoped "Taj Macabre" viewers would decrypt the note, then realize that his first three messages were cryptograms, then decrypt his trilogy and receive the affirmation described later in this site. The main reason, the smoking pen with shining scalpel, is Degnan-murder mimicry in combination with a Degnan-theme trilogy. So LAPD sleuthhounds had two Short months to catch Ed: bet on the hare. He might've written much of it while pining away during the Dahlia's time in San Diego.As before, Ed left no doubt as to purposefulness: what we observe in all four cryptograms is about as happenstance as 1000 bullseyes in a row. Moreover, Ed would not have picked a locale with great Dahliawise significance to him, to pull off a bluff stunt like faking suicide. But does "that" refer to "too much of a coward," or to the killing?The outline of Ed's ultimate cryptogrammatic text is shapely, like that of a tall flower vase or a voluptuous woman. The same goes for Ed's Horace Greely walkathon occurring on the two-month anniversary of the murder. It's almost like Ed simply wrote his name vertically down the middle of the note. It must refer to the killing: "coward" is in the present tense, the killing was a done-that and "couldn't" was in the past.

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