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This is important to understand during this time, especially, for there are those who have died, and those who will die, during this Overhaul of Humanity, and it is both helpful and healing to know that death is not a process that a life.We miss their presence here with us—we miss them terribly—but we need not mourn for them.I get that question a lot, from people in many audiences and many cultures. The soul’s departure from this physical life is never a sadness, but always a joy, whenever and however it happens.This does not mean, though, that it is a “good idea” to simply exit this physical life.And the process me and others from around the world in the conversation that is being initiated here. Find and post any comment you wish at the numbered “Conversation” you’re currently reading.You may do so at any time by simply stopping your reading, marking your place, then getting on the Internet and navigating to… (You’ll notice that this book is not broken down into “Chapters,” but rather, into “Conversations.”) At this special website there’s also a separate icon inviting you to post your ideas, your thoughts, your concepts, and your inspirations regarding the contents of Humanity’s New Cultural Story.The new form they have embraced has brought them great joy.

Canadians are known to be very friendly and welcoming people. You will know that when the ability of life form to continue in its present expression is compromised, that life form adapts its expression to allow it to immediately become sustainable again.It is in this way that life renders itself eternal.It is for this purpose that you have come to this material. The New Cultural Story co-created here by adding your insights and inspirations and heartfelt hopes and dreams for our world will be placed before humanity in a separate book: So what you are reading now is not an ordinary text.If you are like many others, you have long been asking, “What can I do? This is your gateway to participation in what I am clear could very well be The Conversation of the Century.

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