Drupal 7 validating form on ajax

The fact that this usage case is so hard and undocumented is very upsetting.

To me, this seems like the most basic of requests for an AJAX form API. It will also break if there are multiple instances of the form on a single page but it was the best I could do. Basically, you have to replace the whole form with itself inside your callback, and manually prepend any set messages to the form object.

Now, hook_validate only gets invoked after pressing the submit button.

But the form items which are rejected by hook_validate, such as required fields, don't provide good visual feedback to the user.

For example: $form_state['data_for_submission'] = $data; This technique is useful when validation requires file parsing, web service requests, or other expensive requests that should not be repeated in the submission step.

$form_id: A unique string identifying the form for validation, submission, theming, and hook_form_alter functions.

I am unable to submit the form when blur event fires but when i click submit button it is submitting form and validating textbox but page refreshing.

I used ajax form module in my site its working fine without page refresh but when i click submit button to get same functionality when i fire blur,onfocus...events..

Drupal has a wonderful form processing subsystem, especially in 5.x.Dear fellow Drupal Developer, you are now armed with the awesomeness of Ajax. UPDATE: Several readers have recommended using the j Query Validation plugin.This is a great plugin and have used it many times. Also, there is a good example of doing AHAH in the examples module on You can use AJAX to post various data parts to the server.However, using it to submit a form is not the best example.

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