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For more on this critical change and how it will affect your upgrade plans see Creative Suite: Upgrade, Wait for Creative Cloud or ???

Personally I considered Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe's first upgrade to the program after acquiring it, to be a "must have" update. Lately I've fielded a lot of questions from people considering upgrading from Dreamweaver 8 (CS2) to Dreamweaver CS4.

While it's fairly easy to find information about the incremental updates: from DW8 to CS3 and from CS3 to CS4 (links at the end of this post) I haven't found a source that offers an overview of what's in store if you make the leap from 8 directly to CS4.

Before installing or upgrading anything, try this: Locate Dream Weaver's executable, right-click it and select the "Compatibility" tab.Once you do the step above, a dialog box shown below will prompt you. NOTES: Never check both Library Items and Templates.(If you do, Dreamweaver will update in the wrong order sometimes.) Always do ONE-AT-A-TIME, if you need to do both, Library Items and Templates If you update both, always make Templates the last one.With the announcement of Creative Cloud, Adobe has also changed its upgrade pricing policy.For CS6 only owners of CS5 and CS5.5 will qualify for upgrade pricing discounts.

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