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We are working to update and/or remove the affected articles but this may take some time. This tutorial is going to teach you how to update your DNS (Domain Name Servers) settings at 1and1If you have already purchased your domain name through 1and1.com, you will need to go to their site, and make the changes necessary for your web site to be visible.Some are good, some are bad, and some just get the job done. We cringe when we hear that a client uses 1and1’s registrar because we know it’s going to be an uphill battle to push servers live, do migrations, set up a CDN, or change even simple DNS A records. So we then queried 1and1’s DNS servers directly since they held the records prior. We surmise that while the updates were “pending”, 1and1 wiped the records on their own servers and left us high and dry with the site offline. After a 20 minute hold, we finally spoke to a CSR that told us this was normal and could take up to 48 hours. Support has long hold times, does not acknowledge the above behavior as damaging to our client and atypical for a registrar to engage in.For 1and1, it’s best to explain the travesty we’re going through. We responded that it is not normal at all, normal registrars do not wipe their nameservers even after delegating to an external provider… We then started to coordinate with Stephen at Armed Gamer to get the domain off of 1and1 as soon as possible as they were unwilling to provide support other than “just wait, it’s normal” (as he’s losing revenue and followers from an offlined site we have no way to fix). It’s been over 17 hours downtime as of the writing of this post with no end in sight.There are two or more nameserver (NS) settings, and they must each be changed. Click on the Customer Login link at the top of the page. Select the domain you wish to manage from the pull-down list, and click on the Next button. Go down the page to Name Server Settings, and click on Edit.

It’s normally a trivial task and it takes maybe up to 10 minutes on slower registrars. It’s normal and fine in this case; this minority of users just wouldn’t pass through the CDN network. We’ll update this post below as things progress (times in EDT): , Stephen reports that a support tech at 1&1 just took notice of this blog post (sort of obvious since we linked it on twitter) and claims this has been forwarded along to DNS administrators for investigation. I requested that our transfer ticket go through to move this out to Namecheap before that. But it doesn’t excuse it from working and our client shouldn’t have had to suffer through their troubleshooting.

You can delete these records at a later time after your changes have taken effect.

We've recently performed some software upgrades to both c Panel and the Client Area that has resulted in some of the KB articles appearing outdated and obsolete.

As our new hosting client, you will need to point your domain name to our servers.

You received our nameserver settings in the welcome email that was sent to you when you purchased your hosting package with us.

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