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As a partner affiliate they have inconsistent policies that change all the time making it hard to promote.

The account mangers are a bunch boobs without knowledge of marketing and are stuck with what they see and not what is needed to promote their product and only agree to what is set by a higher up boob.

if you ask me the best places where you have the most chance is in bars and clubs.

datingsites are a big SCAM I have been working with Dating Factory for 5 years now and I never had problems with them.

Je me suis littéralement fait agressé par cette plateforme.

C'est moi ou ils ont une manière très spéciale de parler à leurs nouveaux affiliés ?! J'avais créé un compte il y a 6 mois puis j'ai eu un pépin de santé.

Now is one of the dating affiliate programs less profitable. Then if you cancel they will demand surcharge and threaten further action. Not only did they lock me into an extra month of paying, the people who contacted me were either robots or something.

There were also no legitimate contacts on this dating website; a total scam.Sometimes you have chargesback from users higher than comissions (or that's what stats shows), so you have TO PAY THEM.Too much fails on affiliate's panel and stats and support give random answers but they do not solve anything, it seems they are kidding you. Now I'm sending more traffic, more registrations, more countries, I have more websites and conversions are lower ¿?Votre compte est activé, un mail avec les informations de base vous a été envoyé vérifier aussi si nécessaire dans votre dossier spam Je vous informe aussi que notre plateforme est assez complexe et n'a vraiment rien à voir avec d'autres plateforme que vous avez utilisé.Je vous conseil vivement de me contacter par skype: datingfactoryfrance pour que je puisse vous expliquer toute la puissance de la plateforme pour qui fait du SEO et sais faire du code html et css. N.* Directeur France et marché francophone Conversions are very low (or that's what stats shows), some months, hundreds of real registrations with active users with no sales.

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This is terrible, reprehensible, and, if they do not refund the £39.99, fraudulent. I joined relatively recently as a partner and over the past few weeks I've started seeing and noticing things which are questionable and was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback or clarification about it?

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