Dating women with mental issues

While malnutrition impacts two billion people worldwide, it hits women particularly hard.Women with vitamin deficiencies are more likely to die during childbirth — and since half of all pregnant women in the developing world have anemia, malnutrition is the culprit behind 110,000 deaths during childbirth each year.And women in lower income nations are more likely to die from the disease — women in South Africa who develop heart disease are 150 percent more likely to die from it than women in the United States.What You Can Do: Volunteer to take part in the World Heart Federaions's Go Red for Women campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of heart disease among women at home and abroad.They are also likely more inclined to report psychological distress to the prison mental health services than male inmates.” The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ researchers also found a disparity between inmates of different races. Robert Cohen, a member of the New York City Board of Correction.More than half of the white people in prison, of both sexes, reported a diagnosis of a mental disorder, nearly double the rate for Hispanics and more than 1.6 times higher than black people in prison. According to Cohen, who was director of medical and mental health services at New York City’s Rikers Island jail in the 1980s, the survey responses may not reflect the actual number of inmates with mental health conditions.It's easy to forget about mental health afflictions like depression when looking at the state of women's health, because they're "invisible" — but even though we can't see them, women's untreated mental health issues have real consequences.Women are more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders than men in general, and are more likely to live through an event or experience that gives them PTSD, such as a violent civil conflict, a disaster, or an incident of domestic violence.

I don't think that fact reflects different rates of mental illness, I think it demonstrates racial bias." Advocates for the incarcerated argue that for all people in prisons and jails — more than 2 million people nationwide — mental health services are lacking at best.Gender norms can play a huge role in the spread of HIV, too — women are often denied the ability to refuse sex with their partners, and lack the resources to seek medical treatment if they do think that they have been infected.And I'm not just talking about other countries here — 20 percent of new HIV infections in the U. are contracted by women each year, primarily via heterosexual contact.What You Can Do: Stay abreast of programs that bring mental health services to those in need around the world, like the WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme, and donate to charities that help those with mental health needs stateside, too, like NAMI.Half of the 35 million people living with HIV/ AIDS across the world are women — but in some areas, like sub-Saharan Africa, women can make up as much as 61 percent of the HIV/AIDS-afflicted population.

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