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Sue later admits to forging the letter in yet another attempt to sabotage the glee club.

Rachel confronts Quinn about her relationship with Finn, trusting her to be honest.

Hurt, Rachel goes home and uses Quinn's words as a springboard for writing a new song.

Brittany (Heather Morris) confronts Santana (Naya Rivera), saying that she misses their friendship.

However, Santana is hostile and angrily says that Brittany "blew her off", while Brittany shows that she is upset that Santana is still dating Sam (Chord Overstreet) even after confessing her love to Brittany.

The two are interrupted by Sue, finding that she has filled their lockers with dirt, an event later brought up during the Glee club's song writing session.

Later, Kurt honors the sudden death of the Warblers' canary mascot, Pavarotti, with a performance of "Blackbird".

The musical performances, cover versions, and original songs in the episode were met with generally positive reviews from critics.

With the exception of "Jesus Is My Friend" and "Only Child", all songs were released as singles available for digital download.

Blaine is adamant that Kurt be his partner for it, and the vote in favor of it is nearly unanimous.

As the two are about to practice their duet of "Candles", Blaine confesses that he wanted to spend more time with him, and they share their first kiss.

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