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In addition, the author (who is 6'3'') will not date men shorter than herself and complains about dating as a tall woman.

I am lucky - I have always liked shorter men, and married one.

That made me realize that I have a book to write - being six inches taller than my husband.

This book was interesting, but could have been more. My only complaint is that it wasn't written sooner!

I thought it would just be a fun little discussion of what it's like to be taller than most of the people around you. Arianne Cohen did thorough research into ALL aspects of tall life, and she presents her findings with clarity and a superb sense of humor. You are tall if you're taller than the people around you.

This treatment can lead to multiple health problems later in life, including infertility and cancer.

I was also unaware that there are men with tall fetishes who are absolutely crazy for tall women.

I found it validating to my routine experiences of having to accommodate to an enviroment that was not designed for tall women -- from clothes, to furniture, etc.

(I particularly like her commentary about the notion of universal design -- something that is slowly gaining speed in the States.) It also provided many self-esteem boosting statistics that favor the life outcomes for tall persons.

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I've always held myself tall and never slouched or slumped like many talls do.

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