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I was reading the comments via this site and I believe that the people who posted on here are employees or the Owner(s).The pictures that show you have a lot of individuals in the area you reside are actually of the same individuals.Meaning, you look at one profile and they may have 5 or 6 pictures.They use those same pictures and they are represented as other individuals.The Hookup Hangout Team Just discovered this new site, its a kind of casual dating site aimed at the younger market I guess, helping people to meet up with others in search of a no string attached encounter.Its not a new concept, there are quite a lot of these kind of hookup sites out there but they can often get a bad name as its the more seedy side of online dating. Its really similar to a more conventional dating site, all of the same features to help you search or send messages, etc except its full of people looking for sex pure and simple.

Unfortunately, it can happen on any internet dating site or social network but the key is to identify and report such activity immediately to enable us to carry out a full investigation, with profile deletions and IP blocks applied where necessary.

Consequently, I was pleased to discover when I looked into your account that we refunded you in full when you contacted our 24/7 customer service team, as we are certainly not out to “scam” anyone and are very proud of the level of satisfaction the majority of our customers have come to expect from our site.

We hope you will try again and this time adjust your search preferences accordingly to remove anyone living a certain distance away. Regards, the Hookup Hangout Team If you're a sex mad perv like me you aint gonna be disappointed with HH.

The entire website is infested with these Scammers and the operators know it. DG70 Dear customer, First of all, thanks for leaving feedback – it's greatly appreciated as it allows us to identify areas where we can improve our members' experience even more.

If you have been contacted by somebody who has asked you for anything other than a date, please report this to our 24/7 Support team.

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