Dating science fiction fans

Through the 1950s, Cold War paranoia and discomfort were reflected in stories of alien invasion and the doom of mankind as well as alien duplication and imitation of human beings.

Cold War interest and sci-fi blockbuster hits of the 1950s pulled science fiction and its culture firmly into the mainstream in the 1960s.Equally inspiring were the film mega-hits Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. evil and mans triumph over strange galaxies and life forms would survive as the iconic symbol of science fictions rise to respectability in mainstream culture.Science fiction had become decidedly commercialized and the predictable media hunger for Star Wars and its brethen on the film screen and on the bookshelves proved to be irresistible for throngs of science fiction writers who clamored for a position on the best-seller list.The brief 47-second promo is a tease more than anything else.We see people walking on a sandy beach on some idyllic island.

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